Monday, January 30, 2012

style blueprint memphis

ok so when Lauren Patterson a great friend of mine contacted me about being the 1st 2012 Faces person for the Memphis blog Style BluePrint, I did a double take...i am so completely honored and excited to be featured in this beautifully written article and...... to offer a HUGE giveaway along with it! I was even more speechless when Lauren told me last week the article would be featured in all Style BluePrint Markets...WOW. Check out the post for giveaway details. You can enter by subscribing to the blog and by "Liking" them on Facebook. The contest will run all week so PASS on the love! Hope you enjoy reading a little bit more about me and how this crazy thing got started! Im so humbled/thrilled about this opportunity! cheers!

Monday, January 23, 2012


what perfect lil' frames to use to frame square 12x12 prints, but i say they would be super fun used as shadow type boxes around wooden letters? any other ideas? love to hear from y'all! These are so simple chic in black. hmmm love to see these over a crib in hot pink maybe~
12x12 opening trimmings frames:$65 each


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

its black and white

never underestimate the power of black and white... it is such a bold and chic combo. i had a client want to decorate her mudroom with a gallery wall of all black and white photos so we decided to make all the frames black and white as well. we mixed solids and patterns to compliment and added sizes that formed a perfect gallery.  we also did extra espresso and black antique glazing to all the frames to add an extra touch of vintage feel. hope you enjoy...
email me for a price quote at or click the contact link at the top


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

multiple fun...

ok so a client came to me with a fun idea, she had that long skinny wall in a coner turn in her hall we all have is just there wonder what to do with it...but its a weird space? ok so we made it a spot to really make the hallway...we created a 5 opening 10x10 frame 71" long it runs floor to ceiling with a black and white photo up close of her children's faces! i love the idea and have to admit she found it online and we adapted it delta girl style...

BY the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!