Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a new idea...

ok so a long time customer of mine had an idea for her little ones artwork…traditionally i do chalk boards and cork boards but we thought what a cute idea it would be if I did a long frame with 4 wires across to use painted clothes pins to display the art. we did them about 10.5" inches apart which is typical for your pre K and kindergarten art projects! I just had to share how it turned out! xoxo This was added to etsy last week! and i attached some adorable clothes pins from etsy! HOW STINKIN CUTE!? Or even just spray paint maybe some yourself solid? 



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pastel love

hi yall! scoop alert:  for the website I am collaborating with a couple of photographers... I am doing gallery walls.....and gallery walls..... CANT WAIT.....I am Blessed enough to have kristen reed photography to sign on: host a tip page and showcase her studio gallery wall of itty bittys { newborns } in these pastel {love} frames. Mint and coral with Notre Dame by Valspar with hints of vintage wash.....here is a mini sneak peak!