Tuesday, December 23, 2014

delta girl is GROWING

Drumroll please! As many of you know over the last 5 crazy and blessed years I had assistants from time to time and currently have an amazing wholesale photog manager Molly Flinn. Well…. after Delta Girls BEST year yet and the launch of the new website I want to have more time to explore expanding Delta Girl in MANY ways. One is the new Pallet Wood Upcycled States. Side-note: Are they not completely rustic chic? I have plans to collab with Pixelimpress on a new line of one of a kind Delta Girl exclusive stencils and more.. more… more... up my sleeve in the the coming year. I want to expand is the exciting end of the story and I need help to do that! I have hired two new Delta Girl Faces and I am  honored and excited to introduce you to my new Creative Director Alexis Knox and Customer Service Representative Megan Furtek. I am soooo lucky to have found these two gems and they are going to help Delta Girl grow and help keep lil' ole' me on track! I have created over 2000 frames this year and trying to keep all those orders strait in ONE head gets a little tricky! Megan is going to help me out there and Alexis is going to be by my side painting and distressing and MORE. Molly will be helping all you photographers design and pick gallery walls for your clients. We are going to be a amazing team and this is something I have dreamed of for years now and for it actually to HAPPEN is a GOD GIVEN gift. The new website has allowed me more time to do what I love, which is to paint and distress.  Now Alexis, Molly and Megan are going to give me even more time to expand Delta Girl. We have so many ideas we want to share, but we have to keep you guys in the dark just a while longer while we finish the year. 2015 will be Delta Girl Frames BEST year ever! I am so thankful for all my customers and almost all of you I have known and become friends with over the years and THAT is such a blessing in ANY career . I KNOW without a doubt our new team will do the same along side me! So you can learn a little more about my new gals here you go! 

Alexis Knox
Greetings Delta Girls! My name is Alexis Knox, the creative director of our beloved Delta Girl Frames. A little about me - I am a wife to my (zany) husband Mark, and mom to two sweet (and oh-so-active) girls, Avery and Taylor. Having been an loyal DGF customer for more than 4 years, Sarah Ella and I became fast friends as we worked together to create some of my most treasured spaces in our home. Wall-by-wall she worked with me to bring my unique visions to life - creating completely custom arrangements that not only captured our family and our aesthetic perfectly, but are always THE 'wow' factor that leave my guests and family saying...where did you get those?!  Through the years, Sarah Ella and I continued to have far too much fun working together, having similar tastes and visions and together developing amazing new arrangements and patterns. I even joked - if ONLY my day job could be as enjoyable and rewarding as coming up with these amazing frames and gallery walls. The Lord sure does have an amazing sense of humor and what a vision! Fast forward four years, when Sarah Ella offered me the opportunity to join DGF as her creative director, making our projects a daily reality - I jumped at the chance! Having been the director of communications for a fortune 200 company for nearly 10 years, I was desperate for a more creative and fulfilling way to bring my design visions to life in a very real way. I am proud to be a part of the DGF family; and look forward to working with you as together we bring that same unique WOW factor to all of your treasured spaces and memories. <3 span="">

Hey ya'll! My name is Megan Furtek, Delta Girl Frames Customer Service Representative. I have drooled over these frames for years and am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful company with these amazing women! I'm a wife to my husband Justin and mommy to our fun-loving daughter Emma. I have always loved to paint and be creative and also have a degree in marketing. I have over 10 years experience in sales and marketing and can't wait to combine these loves and work with you!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

my workspace tour

What does a "workspace" really mean? Is it where you go to grind out the day or is it a place made to feel like a sanctuary of sorts? Does your workspace make your creative energy FLOW? When I found my amazing workspace on Houston Ave in Nashville, I knew I hit the jackpot. My space has huge windows adorning the walls.  There is so much natural energy when the sunshine fills the room. A little vitamin D goes a long way on a work day. My actual door isn't a just a door but a garage door that opens all the way.  On nice days, I open the garage door and feel the crisp air and see even more sunshine. This provides inspiration for the color combinations I paint, design and create on every frame. My workspace is what gives me NEW and fresh ideas. It is a place I made to feel like a home away from home. I did this by bringing in elements from my home town and my own home. I keep an inspiration board at my shop.  If I find a magazine article or a fabric swatch or just a doodle of mine for a new gallery wall idea, I pin it on the inspiration board. My office section is a place where I can cozy up in my sitting area and decide what new pattern to launch. I love chilling in my little roundtable sitting room and meeting with clients to toss around ideas, paint chips and pattern corners to design a perfect wall JUST for them. My workspace makes my customer feel at home. I designed it to be a round table type setting rather than a "across the desk kinda feel".  My workspace outside the office area is splattered with paint, remnants of designs, wood scraps and sketches with paint smears. It is where I can hand mix colors to match fabrics and actual photographs. I can get DIRTY and let the creativity flow! When picking the perfect work space it was important to balance a fun homey office with an adjacent space where actual hands on painting and sawing takes place.  The set up allows me to meet with my clients in the office space while they can look around and visualize the stations where the actual work takes place. It makes it so real to the client when they see WHERE  these custom frames are actually made. I feel my work space is pretty close to perfect.  However, to make it my dream space I would add in more people and more stations. I would love a work station for every process of the frame. A girl can dream right?  I was inspired to write this post by the cool office spaces I came across at WeWork.  I also hope to give other entrepreneurs an idea of what works for me and provide ideas for their own workspaces. WeWork is such a cool concept and I think a lot of my readers out there could benefit from a 
 "co-working" company like (www.wework.com/locations) . I hope you enjoy the tour below and have learned a little bit about my workspace and how you can get other ideas from Co-working companies like WeWork. Cheers!

Come on in.. Stenciled door I did to add a little extra touch of the COMPANY to the office
A COOL way to display my paint samples to clients but as ART
 Oh and my light and windows … happy happy glow
My assistant and I working out the daily orders
My cozy space for inspiration time and design time
My rountable discussion area
 Getting to work in my actual WORK space
 A customer friendly zone for them to paint swatches to take home
 the glass process : work table
 the glazing and distressing details 
 Me and my inspiration board...
Searching for NEW inspiration in my monthly mags!
Pinning them up...
 Fabrics, doodles, clippings...
 the saw area
 The triangle in the office that reminds me of home: A triangle is the symbol for DELTA (my hometown in Mississippi) 
 the brushes with months of work to show
current stencil collection 
 the magic ...
 the final product...


Monday, December 15, 2014

your hometown pride: Mine is The Mississippi Delta

NEW wall decor on the website. Upcycled Pallet States. ALL handmade from recycled pallet wood, hand crafted and designed to replicate your state. Show your hometown pride and brand it with a triangle (meaning delta), heart or star. Have a college town you want to rep? This wood state is perfect to do just that. These are so shabby chic paired with my frames in a gallery wall grouping. You can purchase these on www.deltagirlframes.com {under products section} Just specify your state of choice and if you want a brand mark. We can do any STATE +++ hmmm except maybe hawaii ;) 
+I have examples of tennessee and the "sip" mississippi on the my website
EVEN one branded with the Tennessee State Flag! 


Monday, December 1, 2014

a lil holiday tour...

Well I have a new little adventure these days( in addition to DGF of course) ….I have started an instagram account @diypinner to show y'all a lot of my favorite Pinterest Pins. Not just "show" you pics, but actually SHOW you HOW TO DO your favorite pins…I have a website in the works so…. FOLLOW me to get all the latest scoop! I posted a few pics on my instagram page this week and had a few request for a sneak into my holiday home decor….so Here goes nothin'! I will be showing you HOW TO #DIY tons of items in my home I use everyday and FUN party/holiday ideas as well.  Head over and follow along! I posted a couple of tricks already and MORE to come! 


+Target clearance wreaths from last years sale/Hobby lobby ribbon {also last year} BUY at the end of season for next years dress up ;)
This ornament from Bliss Home was inspiration for the new dining room wall! I will have more later on the Wallternative stick-able designs. Fabulous to use instead of wallpaper, especially if you change your mind a LOT like I do! 

THE Finished WALL1

Our Tree from Santa's Trees in the 12th South area of Nashville (WE LOVE THEM) The tree is in a galvanized vintage sink/tub…A thank you to my MOM for finding this! 

Hobby Lobby Gold Letters 50% off painted grey and then sanded down to a Grey/gold mix.
Dresser from Pottery Barn outlet. Wreath from the OL' Target { my favorite store on earth } I get choked up, LOL…. 

I handmade these stocking and stamped them with each family members first Initial. Driftwood Garland T.J. Maxx ($9) another FAV. Mix real tree trimmings with fake picks of red berries. I never promote the FAKE but the berries go bad…..The bell garland stand is also from T.J. Maxx

Use ornaments as decor. I mixed in fresh tree trimmings with 3 large Wooden star ornaments. and McCarty of course…that is any Delta Girl's TRUE staple.

Write on EVERYTHING with chalkboard paint! I'm OBSESSED

These are my stenciled stairs I designed in tempe star by sherwin williams. Fresh pine garland. I hand cut a pallet down in the shape of a tree, painted each plank a metallic, and pinned some twine ornaments for a cute fireplace look.

FRESH trimmings in everything! Wreath: Target

My new favorite drink{ thanks to my neighbor}…The Moscow Mule. Mugs from Cadeau in 12 south area of Nashville. (another favorite shopping spot) The bone tray is from Providence Interiors here in Nashville. the vases are Nate Berkus last year. 

SET your table! I used these kitchen napkins found at White's Mercantile here in Nashville as dinner napkins! Fresh pine and Hobby Lobby Deer. Restoration Hardware Trees.

Living room  {my frames of course } teehee

Coffee Table decor: HUGE pinecones, a divine pine candle and a little McCarty Pottery goes a LONG way. A perfect center piece for the table is a birch wreath with convenient tubes to keep your greenery fresh along with sticks and twigs from outdoors (also Cadeau Nashville)

PUT trimmings everywhere and in anything {walter anderson watercolors/ another mississippi staple }

TJ Maxx lumbar and Snowflake etsy pillow. Red Lanterns Pottery barn: 6 years ago...sorry!

POP of green painted on my door and boxwood garland

Gotta have a little Christmas in my bedroom