Thursday, September 24, 2009

getting started...

well my name is sarah ella cole. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta and will always be proud to be Delta girl because we are one of a kind :) I moved to Memphis in 00' with Pfizer and worked for 8 years in the industry and now I am a wife to my best friend and love of my life Roger and have been a stay at home for about 3 years to the most incredible boys in the world, Airey almost 3 and Campbell 1. Being a mom is such a joy and i wouldn't trade being home with them for these years (that seem to fly by) for anything, but as times have changed and they are getting older I find myself wanting to explore a creative what do I love? ANYTHING vintage or distressed or basically anything crafty (which is something that has totally caught me off guard :) but welcomed!) It all started when I wanted a new look to some old furniture and a new passion of "distressing" came my way. I had turned my old bed into a whole new look and then continued that to my son's room as well. We recently had family photos taken and I decided I wanted to make my own frames and wanted to offer my distressing services of furniture and frames to all and well here we girl distressing....WELCOME TO MY BLOG!
Pink 8x10 with white trim (SOLD) but can be made again in an colors $45, Overall dimensions 19x21

I can do any custom frame you like in any colors or size from 10x10 to 5x5 anything! I cut them myself and have a multi distressing process to each one. They are each their own COUTURE frame. Basic prices include frame and hanger (glass has to be gotten by you and backing for frame.) 4x4 $20, 4x6 $22, 5x7 $25, 8x10 $45 and larger, email for quote and email for orders with colors sizes,etc....Also I distress furniture as well so email for

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