Wednesday, October 26, 2011

up the stairs...

i just finished a grouping of 15...yes i said 1 5 ...this was an undertaking but super fun and really gave me a chance to show almost every frame in my bag ;) we did 5 solids and used espresso and vintage white as the main colors and a pop of gold and rustic red for accents all with antique glazing to give it the extra vintage weathered feel. this will start at her hand rail and work their way up to her 1st landing. what a creative way to really showcase your photos with added art in the mix. *stairwell grouping of frames are all custom made to match your home,fabric or paint colors, email me for any special request...enjoy!


Friday, October 14, 2011


well as you know i have been introducing new patterns pretty regular these days and i c a n n o t wait for the next one....ikat! i will be doing one for my study so ill be posting a pic soon, but in the meantime clover has been on my mind and since i painted that very pattern on my own frames i wanted to share what inspired the stencil. I saw this vase at T.J. Maxx of all places and i just loved the pattern i searched high and low to find it in a stencil so that I could make that come to life on a frame....
and wah-la! this is a new color combo....ivory white on chocolate with french blue colonial trim...


h a p p y  w e e k e n d!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

distressed mod

a lot of 16x20's on the books these days and they have been fun. i have just loved doing the new chevron pattern and it seems to be a hit across the board...1. because its mod 2. still a little distressed to make mod feel shabby. This little red number had a matching friend for a formal dining room
and if your obsessed with chevron like me check out this mod treasury delta girl was seen in 

p.s. i am so blessed and L U C K Y to be so busy doing something i L O V E from H O M E and make a little money at it, but I have been so super busy lately that i have had no choice but to move turn around time out to possibly 8 weeks, i can only handle about 20 per week and I am booked until mid November. Hope you all understand, i didn't want to ever be that far out but ....with family, kids soccer and being a wifey and most importantly wanting to keep the quality and the time on each frame to make it perfect.... this is the new schedule, hope you all understand! xoxo! dg