Wednesday, September 26, 2012

help name this pattern?

ok new pattern alert! I love this one floral but i cant quite some up with a name for it that i love? any suggestions out there friends? By the way the dog in the pic is such a cutie pie and my new roomie in my shop was kind enough to let me borrow the cute pic and speaking of Paige has the SWEETEST doggie named April we have have decided she is our watch dog and "delta girl dog" 
Comment and HELP name this new pattern! Pretty please?????



LM said...

Here you have a first attempt... leaf drop. It may sound funny, I don't know, I've never named anything. But the pattern is really pretty, congratulations!

Sara said...

What do you think about keeping it simple...Fleur...

Leah said...

I'm way late on this... but how about April Flower?

candie glover said...

Rain Drop
(April showers bring May flowers)
It goes together perfectly!
Do I win a frame if I win the name game?