Thursday, August 23, 2012

"how to" distressing shutters

hi there....well this is my VERY F I R S T......drumroll ...... DYI blog post and i hope this helps a lot of readers have a fun lil' "at home project" that can really add a ton of shabbiness without a ton of dough. I recently posted this pic of a grey washed frame with my two shutters on either side to really give the frame a open window look and to use space. Whether you have a large wall that you cant quite figure out how to take up the space .....and maybe don't have budget to do a whole wall gallery, this is a great option. Another fab idea is to put them on either side of a TV openings as well so you don't have that flat screen just floating is space. Ok folks here is goes! ***Sorry i don't have pics of all the steps I didn't know i would be blogging about this but i have had lots of request!Step by step:

What you need:
 2 old or new shutter {I got mine off eBay for $11} They were yellow then painted red so it doesn't matter what color you find

Lowe's Valspar Glaze in color Mocha ($14.97

One can of white cheap spray paint (.97 cents @ Lowes)

One can of dark brown cheap spray paint ($1.97 Lowes)

Two sawtooth Hangers ($1.00)

One old dish rag

Old chip brush

Spray paint the shutter with the dark brown spray paint all over {Let dry 1 hour}

Spray Paint with White all over (Two coats) {Let dry 2 hours}

*Dip the old rag in a little water so it is damp(NOT WET) and then just wrap the tip of the towel around a few fingers and dab it in the glaze 
*Dab the towel onto old newspaper a few times so its not runny, A LOT goes a LONG way! 
*Start wiping side to side on the shutter and all around the edges, wipe it until you feel its has the amount of the glaze color on top of the white that you prefer. 
*Next take windex and a paper towel and wipe the whole things down running it down and across to get off excess glaze. 
*Then take chip brush and just dab the tip in the glaze and brush it up and down VERY lightly down and across the around the edges. ****Another tip is to take a small art brush and work the glaze into each and every crack and crevasse you can and then wipe down the excess with a damp paper towel. This glaze is great because it allows you to work with it for an hour before it completely dries so have fun!!!
Let me know if anyone out there TRIES it!!


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