Thursday, August 2, 2012

thinking large

ok lately i have been on the large side....not me myself {hopefully} but have been making lots and lots of large Frames. One i did for a vanity mirror in a white wash with wavy trim with gobs of chocolate glazing ,which i love....i really ages it and gives it a super vintage feel. i keep saying I'm going to do my vanity mirror and this really gets me motivated! 

UP next was a large cork board in the Nate c h e v r o n pattern! What a perfect way to showcase the kids art work when they are back in school this fall{which is quickly approaching}. This is a 19x25 inner opening but cork comes as wide as 24x36. Email me for more questions about the cork boards. I do install the cork and they come ready to hang! I have this one on etsy here.

Other exciting news is that i am most likely MOVING into my very own workshop!!!! i cant believe it and i cant believe there will actually be a space just for me and a place where you can come view my work. Other super secret things along with this news September 1st!! STAY TUNED and follow the blog for the latest. I would also like to welcome my NEW assistant Annie Billions! Im overjoyed to finally have some help around here! She is so super cute and amazing and a sweet mother of three that was looking for a fun outlet part-time and we are teaming up. She will be helping with emails,convo's ,Facebook, and shipping so i can concentrate on FRAME making. Our hope is to get turn around to from 8-10 to 6 weeks!

ok last tidbit for the day is i would like to welcome with a big southern virtual H U G my new sponsors! You can see them all on the right hand side of the blog here. Some amazing products and i have a few more to debut soon! You will notice the Delta Boy logo as well......we are almost READY to launch! Delta Boy will be handmade furnishings for your home: Everything from farm tables, one of a kind lighting, Beds and MORE.....i SOOO wish i could spill all the beans right now but J. Browning {the brains and brawn behind it} are making me wait for official launch September 1st!!!

please convo through etsy for questions my assistant Annie will be able to help!



Mandy Hamilton said...

I really love the white distressed large frame! I am wanting a large mirrow like that frame but black distressed...can you do that frame large and black?

Sarah Ella said...

Hi Mandy! of course! what overall size did you need ? Convo me from etsy. its, cheers!